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Therapeutic classes are for chronic spinal/orthopedic or systemic issues or stress. No experience or fitness is needed. See the pain scale at the top of the FAQ page to sort out your best starting point. A Class Card entitles a student to attend the 3 ongoing weekly clinics at their convenience. Call for more info: 415 407-5752.

2-Hour Restorative Spine Clinic

Gentle counterforce traction with props elongates the spine, opens the chest, hips and shoulders, relieves the strain of injury and quiets the brain. Students leave rested and renewed.


2-Hour Spine Clinics

Since 1980, MDs have referred patients to SCs to improve postural integrity, pain relief, range of motion, mechanical and everyday function and to avoid surgery. Renewed strength, resilience and pliability empowers students’ to keep well. SCs are suitable for mild - moderate neck, thoracic, arms, shoulders,  lumbar, hips, legs, and scoliosis issues.


2-Hour Yoga Therapy Consults

Therapy methods correlate to a patient’s chronic pain level, injury severity and dysfunction. Mending the root cause provides lasting relief, averts degeneration and facilitate a return to a life we prefer.

Patients are taught how to master techniques that enable the body to heal so they can safely practice at home and/or attend the Spine Clinics.


                                        B.K.S. Iyengar
Named one of the most influential icons of the 20th century, B.K.S. Iyengar’s Light on Yoga led me to his 2-year  training/SF, then studies in India. He trained me to practice and teach yoga, mentor trainees and dispense therapeutic methods.

Yoga for Back Care in America 
On the behest of B.K.S. Iyengar, I brought Yoga for Back Care to America/1980 after he mended my severe spinal trauma that otherwise would have made me an invalid. The program was named #1 by SF orthopedic groups, Workman’s Comp and Blue Cross/ Blue Shield.

Strong research shows these therapeutic methods are quintessential for rehabilitation and recovery from spinal injuries. Iyengar’s methods remodel and heal damaged tissues as not seen and profoundly restore normal, neutral alignment. Space enlarges between spinal joints and relieves disc and nerve compression. Posture, range of motion and mechanical function improve. Students do not want to stop once better; they sustain gains with yoga.

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Text/Cell    415 407-5752

Office         415 626-8441


Where to Start

See the pain scale on the FAQ page for clarity about the best starting point for your chronic spinal injury & pain. A student’s diagnosis and the number, duration & severity of their symptoms determine which therapeutic program is the best starting point.

Mild Severity

  1.    - General Classes

  2.    - General Workshops

  3.    - Retreats

  4.    - Therapy Workshops

Moderate Severity

   - Therapy Workshops   

   - Consults

   - Spine Clinic w/Teacher Permission

Chronic Severity

  1.   - A Consult Program


Card & Fee Policy

Cards expire after 6 months from purchase date. No extensions, transfers or refunds. No deferred payment plan.