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since 1980

On Iyengar’s behest, I brought Yoga for BackCare to the US/1980 after he mended my severe spinal injury. It was named ‘best’ natural  spine / orthopedic program in SF Bay Area by MD’s, Workmans’ Comp & Blue Cross/Blue Shield & patients only doing the classical methods he polished w/o fads & trends.
Iyengar Yoga Tradition
His mastery of asana & pranayama &  his clarifications on yoga practices in Light on Yoga & his egalitarian methods, props inventions, therapeutic prescriptions, restorative series & teacher training generated global interest in yoga & changed understanding worldwide about human potential, fitness, cognitive prowess, longevity how to live happily & how to heal the body & mind naturally of chronic issues. 

Trained, Certified, licensed & mentored by B.K.S. Iyengar as a teacher and yoga therapist. 
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